A Hot Day Down South…new writing, unedited and incomplete…

Konan dreamed of Lilly. It was the same dream he had before. Lilly reached for him, and he tried to grasp her hand. Except this time she was nailed to the floor and screamed his name.

He sat up in the bed covered with sweat. His sheet was drenched, and his mouth was dry. Konan licked his lips and picked up his phone. He had a text message that read: Murderer.

Konan got up and wiped down his body with a cool rag. He started some coffee and stripped his bed. Konan tossed his bedding into the washer and started it. Frustrated with the night’s event, he sat in his library with his coffee and watched a few videos on YouTube.

At 0800, he heard a knock at the door. He picked up his sidearm and peeked through the peephole. Tomas and Wiggins stood on the steps. Konan shoved the sidearm in his waistband and covered it with his t-shirt. 


“We need to talk,” Wiggins wheezed. 

“I don’t think so. Have a good day.”

Tomas banged on the door, Konan glanced out the peephole again. Wiggins had moved down to the bottom of the stairs and waved more officers into the yard.

Konan opened the door. Tomas backed up. Wiggins turned and looked at him.

“What do you want? What’s with all the backup?”

“We received a call last night about some woman screaming in your trailer. We came to check it out.”

“Do you have a warrant,” Konan asked.

“No,” Tomas answered. Konan forced a smile. No one was fooled by his fake hospitality.

“Then, you better go get one.” Wiggins edged around the corner of the steps but Konan blocked his view into the mobile home. Tomas shook his head in frustration. He knew Konan would not make this easy, but Janko had sent them here to search his property anyway.

“You don’t want to do this, bud.”

“Sure, I do. You’re not getting in here otherwise.”

Wiggins tapped Tomas on the shoulder and nodded toward the car. He gave Konan a nod. 

“We’ll be back with a warrant,” he wheezed. They walked hurriedly back to their vehicles. Konan watched them go. He returned to his library and sipped his coffee. 

At noon, Tomas, Wiggins, and a platoon-sized element of police officers showed up at Konan’s mobile home. 

“Here’s the warrant,” Tomas said as he shoved it at Konan. “Get out of the way.”

Konan took the warrant and opened it. He didn’t move. Tomas glared at him. Satisfied that the warrant was legitimate, he allowed the officers into his home.  

“You guys have fun, I’ll be in the yard.” Wiggins walked out in the yard with him. 

“You shouldn’t have made this difficult, Konan. They’re going to rip your place up,” he wheezed. Konan laughed. 

“So, you think I should have let y’all in and let you look around without protecting myself?”

“You know us, Konan. We are only doing our jobs.” Konan snickered, Wiggins shrugged.

“I would assume that sounded better in your head,” Konan said. Wiggins nodded.

“Yeah. I guess nothing sounds right when you’re belongings are being ransacked.”

After hours of searching, Tomas came into the yard. He glared at Konan and spit in his direction. “Forensics hasn’t turned up anything but bleach. How often do you soak your house in the stuff?”

“Quite often, Tomas. I like things clean.”

Tomas glared at him. Wiggins laughed. 

“So, you haven’t found anything?”

“Nothing definitive, BUT, we have enough to bring you in for questioning. Go ahead, make me do this the hard way.”

Konan smiled a humorless smile. He stood to his feet and winked at Tomas. 

“Are you going to arrest me, or should I follow you to the station?”

“You will ride with me and Wiggins.  A witness overheard the woman yelling last night. We will get to the bottom of this very soon.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Konan was escorted out to the vehicle and pushed into the back seat. The ride to the station was quiet. Wiggins kept staring at Konan in the rearview mirror. Tomas stared out the window. 

At the station, Tomas grabbed Konan’s arm and led him into Room #1. He sat across from Konan. Tomas wasted no time in questioning Konan.

“Where’s the body of Mayor Smith’s secretary?”


“Her name was Abbie. Where is she?”

“I don’t know.”

“We know you killed her. Where is her body?”

Konan leaned back in his chair and uttered one word, “lawyer.” Tomas’s face blushed fire engine red. He jumped to his feet and leaned in Konan’s face. 

“Say that again.” Konan smiled and stood to his feet. 

“I said, Lawyer. As in, ‘I evoke my right against self-incrimination.’ I want my phone call.”

Tomas grabbed his chair and threw it against the wall. Janko walked in and escorted his officer out of the room. Wiggins walked in and escorted Konan to the pay phone at the end of the hallway. 

He placed a call to his longtime friend and attorney, Kathy Thurston. She answered on the third ring.

“Hello, this is Kathy Thurston speaking, how may I help you?”

“Kathy, it’s Konan. I need representation. I am at the station being questioned.”

“Don’t say another word, I’m on my way.”

Konan hung up the phone and was escorted back to Room #1. Tomas was back in the room along with Chief Janko. Konan was led to a chair, he sat down. Janko sat across from him. 

“You just have to make things hard, don’t you. You can’t make things easy.”

“Don’t rise to the bait, Konan, ” Kathy said as she walked into the room. She looked like something from Old Hollywood. Her beauty was matched only by her brains. Brown, curly hair fell to her waist, a pixie nose, and grey eyes set her apart from the rest of womankind. She was one of a kind. 

She pulled a chair next to Konan and sat down. Kathy smiled at Chief Janko and jerked a thumb to the door. 

“I need a moment with my client.”

Janko nodded. The officers left the room and Kathy turned toward Konan. 

“From this point forward you say nothing. Let me find out what they have on you, and we will get out of here.”


Kathy stood and left the room. Konan leaned back in his chair and yawned.  She was gone for only a moment when she walked back into the room. She shook her head and grimaced. 

“How bad is it, Kathy?”

“They claim to have a witness that saw you murder the secretary.”

“Oh, I bet they do.”

“It’s not a joke, Konan. They’re going to put you in a line-up and see if he can identify you. If he does, you will be in jail until your court date.” Konan shrugged. 

“Whatever, Kathy. Let’s get this dog-and-pony show on the road.” She shook her head.

“You haven’t changed a bit. How in the world did you step into this?”

“I don’t know, Kathy. I’ve always had the ability to step into crap I can’t scrape off.”

“I know. I’m sorry about Lilly.”

“Yeah. She didn’t deserve to die like that.”

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