A Hot Day Down South…Part V…incomplete and unedited…

He began an internet search on fleshing knives and their uses. Konan emptied his mind of anything not related to his case and the numerous threads that required searching. His search was going nowhere so he called a local sporting goods store.

“Big Tony’s Sporting Goods, how can I help you?”

“Hi. Do you guys carry fleshing knives?”

“We do.”

“Great what time do you close?”

“9 p.m.”


Following the phone call to Big Tony’s, Konan checked with Walmart, and local pawn shops. They all carried fleshing knives. Disgruntled with his search, he decided to get some fresh air. 

He walked through the main square and took a seat on an empty bench. Konan watched as people went about their daily lives unaware of his presence. “They’re gullible like sheep. So unaware, so killable.” A sharp buzz brought him out of his trance. It was his phone. While he was lost in his thoughts, he had received a message. 

“Hello, Konan. Let’s play a game.”  The message was from an unknown number. He would try to have Ashton crack it when he returned. There was no way for him send a message to the unknown individual. 

Konan glanced around the town square, no one seemed out of place. People were busy looking at their phones or hustling to a second or third job. Nothing was out of place. His phone buzzed again.

God, you are so dull. What happened to the sharp investigative mind you once possessed?”

Konan got up from the bench and started for the police department. He hurried back taking the shortest way possible. His phone buzzed again.

“Do you need help with the case? Should I give you a hint?” Konan’s mind was abuzz with questions but no answers. The killer was making it personal. It was a mistake to make things personal, surely the killer knew this. Still, he could not get his head around what was going on. His phone buzzed again.

“Come on, Konan. Think! Is there a connection that you don’t know about?” Konan stepped into the lobby and stopped. Connections. What are the connections? He walked to Wiggins and Tomas.

“Dig up every case that is like our current case. I don’t care how trivial. Let me know when you have them.”

“Why,” Wiggins wheezed.

“The killer has made it personal. I have messages and a hint from them. Let’s get to work.” Konan took the elevator to the basement. He hurried to the IT department; Ashton sat behind the counter.

“What now?”

“How’s it going with the recovery of the hard drive?”

“It’s 18% complete.”

“I received some messages today from an unknown number. Can you crack it and tell me who sent it?”

“Let me see it.”

Ashton put the phone down on the counter without looking at it. “Nope.”

“You didn’t even look at it!”

“It’s an unknown number and if it is your bad guy, they used a burner phone.”

“You could have said that without the freaking show.”

“See ya later, Konan.”

Thermopolis scooped up the phone and stormed out. He went to the cage and began pulling out files. Boxes upon boxes were filled with murders. Wiggins and Tomas entered the cage. They began helping him cross reference the murders that had similarities with the new cases.  The hours passed in silence. 

“Tomas, did Daisy wake up?”

“Oh yeah. She wasn’t happy.”

“Did you forget how to use a phone?”

“Uh, no. Sorry, I forgot to call you.”


When the last box was empty, they had found 19 cases that had similarities. Wiggins, Tomas, and Konan leaned back and sighed.

“You two take six files a piece, I will take seven. If anything stands out to you, I want to know.”

Tomas and Wiggins nodded. They grabbed their files and left. Konan had just cracked his first file when the phone rang.


“Thermopolis Konan?”

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“This is Mayor Smith. I thought I would check in and see how the investigation is going.”

“We are pursuing a few leads. At the moment we have nothing solid, sir.”

“You’re going to have to do better. If more murders occur the entire town will panic.”

“Yes, sir. We know. We are working on it.”

“Work harder.”

Mayor Smith slammed down the landline and Konan grimaced. “It’s hard enough to solve a murder without a politician breathing down your neck.”

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