An emotional day, love, regrets, and service…A few thoughts…

Today, I received a package from the Disabled Veterans of America. I was ecstatic. My package consisted of a lifetime membership. Inside the envelope was a member’s card, a coin, a decal, and a certificate of appreciation.

It shocked me to receive so many nice things. The president of the organization penned a note to me thanking me for my service. As nice as the gesture was, I felt overwhelmed with emotion.

So many friends of mine never returned home. Some came home with injuries that forever altered their lives. I returned home dinged up, but I was fortunate to keep my life and body in one piece.

As the world has imploded over the past four years, I have regretted my service to this country. I’ve watched as my fellow citizens have killed each other in the name of ‘justice.’

Politicians have lined their pockets and betrayed their oath of office. They’ve pitted Americans against each other. Then called for violence on those who disagree with their methods.

Cities have burned. People who were never involved in the incidents that sparked the ‘peaceful protests’ paid the price.

The President-Elect has called for unity to heal the divide in our country. Then turned right around and used racist language to describe his opposition. His Vice President brought a ten gallon container of fuel to throw on the fire he started.

“Thank you for your service.” I’ve always appreciated it when people have said this to me, prayed for me, and supported me. Yet, I am tired of watching my country sink lower and lower into a cesspool that we built.

On one hand, I loved my country enough to defend it. I’m proud to have served in the military. On another hand, I’ve never regretted anything more than having served.

It’s time we revisited my DAV package. The organization has filled me with hope for the future of veterans who bled and fought for this great land. They’ve stood for the veteran community for over 100 years. I’m sure it will be no different in the future.

Our politicians won’t see wars eradicated. Humanity is naturally drawn to conflict and greed. Because of this fact, I’m glad the DAV is in our corner.

Whatever the enemy has meant for evil, God has meant for good. I don’t know what the future may hold- but faith, love, and kindness will see us through.

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