A frustrated writer…tomorrow will be better!

Have you ever had one of those days when everything you write is dripping with anger? Frustration is probably the better word for it. Either way, this morning has not gone well. My life is one gigantic cluster, and for the life of me, I can’t get anything down that seems to be readable. 

So, I will write this. 

People disappoint us. We want to believe that people are full of goodness, kindness, and all things beautiful. The truth is that at times they are. At other times people are selfish, mean, and all things bad. 

This includes me. Sometimes, I think my middle name is Petty. Lord knows, I can find the smallest thing wrong and with enough focus, I can turn it into a mountain of trouble. Of course, this is the wrong thing to do, but at least I’m honest.

With the things happening in the world, we could use more goodness, kind, and beautiful. In today’s society, it seems that horrible, evil, selfish and mean are worthy of celebration.

Still, there is beauty in the world. It may not come from everyone, but there are good people. Selfless individuals are hard to find, but when you meet one-you know. 

Take hope in the fact that tomorrow is a new day. Make the most of today, who knows, maybe it will turn around. If it doesn’t, I recommend a long nap, hot food, and several cups of the strongest coffee you can drink. 

Then take another long nap. 

Garry Owen,


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