That dreaded ‘C’ word…a few thoughts about censorship…

Am I the only writer that must have some sort of noise to keep them on track? I suppose I’m not alone, or at least I hope I’m not. Resident Evil plays on my television as I try to sort out what is going on in the country that I love.

Censorship has become this wonderful thing in America. “We don’t like how you think, you’re out of here!” Major corporations have all put the censorship card in play.

Parler, a safe haven for those who believe in free expression, is no longer downloadable. Every major social media corporation took it down. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent. It should bother us all that some peoples’ rights aren’t worth protecting. It should cause us to pause and reevaluate what is good in the world.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sent out a tweet celebrating the removal of Parler. On the same site, the Chinese Embassy sent out a tweet saying that women in concentration camps was a good thing. Twitter let them post it, so apparently Twitter agrees.

What world am I living in? The Orwellian novel, 1984, wasn’t meant as a how-to guide. George Orwell wrote it as a warning.

I went to Parler for a bit. I like it, I can say what I want, about what I want. Then I grew antsy and left. I had thousands of notifications and most was from the same person. The media chose to describe it as an echo chamber. Which upset me a bit. Because I have friends and family on the left and they watch nothing but CNN and MSNBC. Are they not in the same echo chamber? Or does it not matter because they lean the same way as Jack Dorsey and these social media moguls?

When I went into the military, right after 9/11, America had come together. I went in wanting to fight for every American. A decade later, our representatives had all but split us along partisan lines.

I’ve often read about a ‘shadow government.’ You know, the people behind the politicians. The string pullers. I never was able to make sense of it until today. The shadow government is none other than Big Tech.

They have cut off the voice of 75,000,000 people. Do we all agree at every junction of our lives? No. That should not diminish your right to speak your mind. Big Tech is nothing but the thought police from Orwell’s masterpiece.

What is coming next is nothing short of frightening. America has lost its way. I hope and pray that we can right the ship, but I fear there are many dark days ahead.

Thanks for letting me get this out of my system.



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