A bit of motivational writing for the creative folk…

Silence is a writer’s best friend. In the solitude of your hidden space, your mind churns out the words to unburden your heart. It’s no different for myself. I don’t yearn for solitude, but when I am in ‘writer mode’ it is an absolute necessity.

Except for this morning. Johnny Depp portrays John Dillinger on the flat screen, my father’s dog Jake crashes around the house attempting to remove his flea treatment, and my mother swirls around the kitchen making breakfast. 

Solitude isn’t just a quiet place to meditate and recharge. It’s a state of calm in the mind. A quiet mind leads to words that describe what I feel at any given moment. In the quietness of my mind, I can see what my life can be. What is possible when we quit dreaming and apply enough effort to change the status quo?

Well, anything is possible when we realize that dreams require effort. It’s not enough to desire and envision-there must come an awakening in our soul to change our world into what we have seen.

Somewhere between the vision and accomplishment lies the secret of success, and its name is hard work. These thoughts were on my mind this morning as I set out to write.

As I previously wrote this morning around 2 A.M., I awoke with a startle and had a most peculiar dream. Somehow, my dream this morning has become this motivational writing about the pursuit of my goals.

Whether it’s my dreams or yours, hard work is a necessity for success. It’s a new year and I am of the mindset that old habits must die, and new habits must replace the old way of doing things. 

Don’t give up on your dreams, find a new way to breathe life into your goals. Sometimes we give up when we are so close to finishing our projects, or we grow weary in our season of well-doing. Let’s take another look and set the proverbial world on fire with our passion. 

Take care,


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