An interesting experience, and the need for self-care today.

So, I’ve had an interesting experience today. For the first time ever, I was asked if I had really slept on the floor while at war. Given the way the question was posed, it seemed as if the person who asked the question doubted my truthfulness concerning my recollection.

I’m sure it wasn’t meant that way, but still…

Therefore, I am pushed to set the record straight for my own mental well-being. In early 2004, our barracks were not completed or furnished. My fellow soldiers and I slept on our tough boxes, in the corners of our rooms, and yes, we stretched out on the dirty floor. We lived out of our duffel bags for almost a month.

I’ve slept in holes, under trucks, on my gas mask, and various other combinations. I’ve even slept on top of fuel trucks under the hot sun. 

I know this isn’t a usual post for my blog, but I need to get this out of my head. Thanks for understanding. 

Now, I can go back to writing a short story, although my mind is rather muddled with a story that woke me up at 2 in the morning. We’ll see what happens.

Take care,


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