A few thoughts about 2020…

It’s 0430 as I start to write this morning. I sit in my mother’s recliner, Scorpion King 2 plays quietly in the background. Jake, my dad’s rat terrier curls up on the couch half asleep on this cold morning. I just read a favorite writer’s newest post this morning, and it gave me a pause. 

2020 is almost gone. As far as years go, this year has been a pain in the keister. It’s been a year of loss. It’s also been a year of blessings, although it’s hard to see them through the tears my family and I weep. I’ve grown some this year, and growth is not always easy.

I’ve never been one for celebrating New Years. “It’s just another day,” is my family’s motto. Still, I can’t say I’m not happy to see 2020 go. I miss the days when you could walk into Walmart and not worry about infecting someone with COVID-19. I also miss days when people were nice. Days when who you vote for isn’t nearly as important as your character. A time when truth and goodness triumphs over evil. Will we see those days again? I don’t know. I hope so, but the future is always changing. 

Truth be told, I’m ready to say goodbye to 2020. I have been since July. Still, I question what 2021 is going to hold for not only me and my family, but for my country as well. I hope that 2021 doesn’t tell 2020 to hold its beer, as it tries to upstage it. Rather, I hope that 2021 brings peace and prosperity to us all. 

Either way, I will be in the woods. I will be praying that the Almighty God covers each of us with His protective hands, and that we all will be blessed with good health and just a smidgen of good fortune. 

God bless you all,


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