I sit in a red chair, my mind a muddled mess of thoughts, each one ramming into the other with wild abandon. The smell of death fills my sinus pathways, my past encroaches upon the edge of insanity. 

“Welcome to the Cliffs of Madness,” My mind yells in a carnival barker voice. “Step right over, you’re just a few thousand feet from the solution of all life’s problems!” As if the solution to my issues lies in falling to my death. I wipe the sweat off my brow and try to focus. “This post won’t write itself.” Outside, the gray sky appears bulletproof. I wish my mind would shut up. My hands are posed up the keyboard, they don’t even twitch.There is nothing to say. My television is a 47” blank screen. My mind is equally blank. “Come on, give me something to write about. One idea that’s all I need.” I’ve got nothing. Silence fills the room, the chaos of the world is simply to much for coherent thoughts to emerge. Finally, my hands begin to move.

“The world is a wondrous place filled with good and bad,” I begin. “People scramble through life, zipping from one objective to the other, in a maddening rush to acquire more possessions, to amass a fortune of untold wealth, greedily clutching their prize to their breast. The hunger for more is never quelled. More, more, more…” 

I watch as people rush to gain more power. To wield control over the masses, to bend the world to their whim. It’s futile. The craving for more creates a void which can never be filled. It’s a chasm of calamity.

Like rats in a maze, they rush to and fro. They never realize life is passing them by, they are blinded by their insatiable lust to conquer the next obstacle. To exercise their new found power. In the end, they are empty husks, their lives wasted in a insane dash to be better than their peers. 

It’s maddening.

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