Another sample of the AWID re-write…

I get two hours of sleep. It is fitful sleep, my mind keeps flashing back to Hank’s death.  The carnage we visited upon the people of this city disturbs my peace. I can’t make sense of what I’ve seen and done. My stomach rumbles. “I can’t be hungry and sleepy. I have to pick a struggle.” I dismount from my vehicle and join a group of men eating MREs. One of them leans against a t-wall and nods. 

“You did good today.” His eyes are dead. His face is dirty with the blood of those we lost upon his cheeks. I nod my head, unsure of what to say. 

“It was a crappy start to this entire operation.” He nods and pops some Skittles in his mouth.

“Yeah. It will only get worse. Figure out how far you’re willing to go to win. If we win this battle, the next thing have to figure out is how to live with what you’ve done here. Take it one step at a time.”

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