I feel trapped in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Without further ado:
‘Our episode begins with a man trapped on a planet with 8 billion people.
Most of the people are intelligent, kinda. There is one major hang up, the
intelligent are subservient to the non-intelligent. The government is run by stupid people. Every good thing is stripped down and destroyed.
Before his very eyes, the man watches as civilization crumbles into a heap
of burning refuse.’

As I rub my eyes, the correlation between reality and fiction is thinly blurred. I expect Doctor Who to walk into my house have breakfast with me, Hercules and his kid brother, Thor.

Maybe tomorrow the world will go back to the ‘normal’ we once knew, but it probably won’t. Ah well, one can only hope that our lives are not forever changed by the actions of the lunatics.

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