0230 musings…

I am in a state of befuddlement. Part of me wants to be asleep, but I’m wide awake. Ever have a dream so bad, you fear closing your eyes? That’s how I feel right now.

I’m using new software to hopefully improve my writing. Dabble is the name of said software. It’s simple to use and you can subscribe to it. Of course, I’m not using it for this post. Rather, I am kinda winging it here.

I don’t know what’s worse, having people’s attention or wishing you had people’s attention. Its like that container of liquid creamer, half and half.

For the millionth time it seems A Walk in Darkness is in a state of re-write. I try to kill it ever so often but the story refuses to die. Like Godzilla, it always returns.

I have written a story about a guy named Shame. There could be more to it, but I really wanted it to be a short story. Something keeps whispering for me to write more about him. I guess we will see.

COVID-19 sucks. Truly, like on an epic scale.

Has anyone ever attempted to tell a story by starting at the end? I know that some films start in the middle and tell the story in flashbacks, but I am wondering if anyone has written a book like that…ah, well.

Well, I hope this feeling of dread or whatever it is goes away. I would like to get some sleep prior to having to wake up again. Y’all take care.

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