Earnest supplication…A few thoughts…

In prayer last night two words popped into my head. The words were: earnest supplication. Merriam-Webster defines earnest as: an intensely serious state of mind, or seriously intent and sober. Marked by importance.

Supplication is defined as a humble and earnest petition.

I think Merriam-Webster did a fine job defining these words. Thus, when we pray, we are petitioning the Almighty God with our needs. Now sometimes, we just go through the motions when we speak to the Lord. ‘God, you see my needs. Please make my money stretch to the end of the month.’ God hears every prayer. Yet, how often do we earnestly speak to the Lord?

I’m not going to put the spotlight on anyone but myself. There are times when I go through the motions, and then I get upset when I feel the Lord hasn’t answered my prayers. However, when I humble myself in the presence of the King of Kings, and I petition Him with my needs in a serious state of mind, things happen.

Generally, I change. The Lord is fully capable of making me rich. He won’t. He could give me a Ferrari. I probably won’t get one, no matter how hard I pray or believe. However, here is where the rubber meets the road. Would I make earnest supplication if I had these things?

Would I be humble with a Ferrari? See, it’s not that God is prejudiced against me having a Ferrari or being rich. However, if it keeps me from developing a relationship with God, who suffers from the lack of prayer? Rest assured, it’s not the Almighty suffering. It’s me. Prayer opens many doors that would remain shut, if we fail to communicate with the Lord. Healing is a benefit of prayer. Yes, it can even affect emotional and mental health. 

I am living proof that prayer can change emotional and mental health. It hasn’t been easy. Yet, I am much better than I was. Some would say that time healed me. I would give this as my testimony.

On a bright, sun-filled Sunday morning, I visited Iuka First United Pentecostal Church. A visiting minister was preaching. As he preached, I felt the urge to stand and lift my hands. As I did, the Spirit of the Lord washed over me. I cried. I prayed. I told the Lord all about the horrors I experienced. Then I told Him, I wanted to live a clean life. A life free of drugs and alcohol. I wanted to return home.” 

After communicating my desire to please the Lord, I went home. My dog, the original Chunk, had torn out all the garbage. Usually, I would get upset, but this time I swept up the trash and placed it in trash bags. Then this came across my mind: This is how I found you. Dirty, broken, and lying in the gutter. I picked you up, dusted you off and placed you back on your path. That evening as I drove to church, this thought crossed my mind: Iraq was a long time ago. Cast your cares upon me, for I care for you.” 

Earnest supplication or as I like to call it, praying dirty, it works. Life is often unfair, the odds may be stacked against us, the winds may howl, the waves may crash, but if we’re built upon the Rock of Ages, we will stand. How do we stand? We make a humble and earnest petition to our Savior. And if we seriously seek after Him, we may be surprised at what happens.

May God bless you all,


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