It’s hard to have grace under fire…but we’re trying…

I woke up this morning thinking about the mercy of God. In Iraq, I was asked a question: How can you serve a God who allows bad things to happen to good people? I even wrote part of A Walk in Darkness to answer this very question. However, this question has became pertinent the past few days. It seems to have been flung into my face with such force, it has nearly taken my breath away.

Here’s my answer. 

According to the Scriptures, God promised to never leave nor forsake us. It also recorded that the mercies of God extends from one generation to the next. What it has never said is that we would understand why God does the things He does. The Scriptures do say that our ways are not His, and our thoughts are not His thoughts. Thus, God in His infinite wisdom will sometimes act in ways which are unseemly to us.

We were never promised the easy road nor were we ever promised that we would understand the mercy that God shows us. All too often, I find myself wondering if I am confusing mercy for cruelty or vice versa.  

As it so happens, I may doubt people and wonder from time to time about their faithfulness, but God has never failed me. These trials seem to wear me down, but deep down in the goo, I believe all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

I don’t mean to be ‘preachy’ or stand on my soapbox and decry the evil in the world. It just so happens, I need some encouragement. According to the Scriptures, King David encouraged himself in the Lord. Thus, as long as we have the Lord in our corner, we can overcome anything we may face in this life.

Please continue to pray for me and my family. We do appreciate the continual prayers and support. God bless you all. 

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