A few thoughts…

No news is good news. I am tired of hearing this crap. All my life I’ve heard this lie. No news could mean any number of things. 

In this case, it means I substitute different scenarios in lieu of actual facts. At some point, things must slack off. There seems to be no brakes on this train.

Have you ever read the Batman book, penned by Alan Moore, titled: The Killing Joke? In an effort to bring Batman to his level, The Joker puts Commissioner Gordon through a series of tests. 

When I first read The Killing Joke, I was at a very low point in my life. The book made sense to me. There have been many origin stories concerning The Joker. Is he a madman? A psychopath? A sociopath? Or a combination of both?

I think he is a normal man, who has seen too much and has no outlet for the thoughts that trouble him. So, he strikes out against a system he feels has been stacked against him.

Kind of like how I feel today.

Still, not every day is a bad day. It has just felt like it for the past week or so. I fully expect things to turn around; my faith is in the knowledge that God is still in control.

Thankfully, I am not in control of anything. Lord knows I would screw it up. So, my comfort lies in knowing that this world is only temporary and one day, I will see my Savior face to face.

Take care.

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