Old age…

I have begun using a font on my WPS Office called American Typewriter. As it rains here this morning, I told my mom it brought back memories of when I first learned to type. My skills were honed upon an old, ancient even, Royal typewriter. Ever so often the keys would stick and you would have to pry it loose and continue to type. At the end of the page the carriage would return and make a *ding*. 

I kind of feel like that old typewriter. Things stick when it should flow, all too often, the carriage is sent back to the beginning to try again. God, I am getting old. 

According to my brother, Thomas Earl, “You know you’re almost 50, right?” Yes, I am aware. These experiences in life age us, some don’t exact a heavy toll but others…

Tomorrow is a new day, the carriage slides back and we start anew. Hope springs eternal.

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