Inept leadership…

For those not in the know, I live in the country. According to my Aunt Brenda, “leave it to my dad to find a goat trail and live there.” Yesterday, I had to move some of my parents vehicles. I drove one of my dad’s trucks and pulled his boat down to the local Baptist church and turned around. As I drove down the busted, decades old pavement, I noticed how our road supervisor had ‘fixed’ the road. Small patches of cold asphalt filler was patted down and entire missing chunks of road was ignored. 

I took photos. Because a picture is worth a thousand words according to some wise person from time immemorial. I have contacted the local paper and hope to purchase the entire front page. It is also my wish to write an editorial to bring attention to the incompetent leadership in my district. 

It won’t do any good. The governor of my state has no spine, so it may be too much to hope that the local level is better. All I have to do is look at the road running in front of my parents home to know the local level is as weak as the state level.

Ah well, sometime you must shine a spotlight into the darkness and watch the roaches run. Take care and please keep my family in your prayers.

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