A call for war…A short story…

Ever notice those who have never fought a war are always the loudest calling for it? On one of my social media accounts, there is a politician (or political hack if you prefer) that has sounded an alarm. “War is hell, but sometimes necessary.” 

I’m sorry but as a veteran, war should be the absolute last thing we do. I don’t care who starts it, war is not necessary until all other avenues have been exhausted. This insanity will not be contained if everyone acts on their emotions. Someone must be the grown up in the room.

War is necessary-my butt. These people are stupid. They’ve never seen their friends blown apart. Or had an overpass dropped on top of them. They’ve never seen headless bodies hanging off a bridge, or seen their buddy’s head fall into a Humvee because it was cut off with fishing line.

No, to them war is some magnificent endeavor to liberate the oppressed. They dress up in their camo pants and t-shirts, and strike Rambo poses with their weapons. It’s a game to them. Their vehicles are a rolling advertisement of their beliefs and awesomeness.

Some have minimal training, most have none. Take this couple in Missouri who went outside armed and confronted the mob. I applaud their willingness to exercise their Second Amendment right. However, they have zero training judging by their lack of muzzle and trigger discipline.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets their brains blown out. Or until you kill someone. Then you are going to have to live and deal with the fallout. War isn’t necessary, and I’m tired of hearing people who aren’t willing to walk the walk call for it. Be a productive citizen, go to work, do your part and vote in people who will do the same.

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