Tired…A few thoughts.

How lucky we are to live in America. To have ‘rights’ to free speech, to bear arms, to worship how we see fit, and to be protected against illegal search and seizure. I am disgusted by the actions of my local government. To some, the changing of the flag is no big deal. I agree. Eventually, the flag would have changed. 

The 1894 Battle Flag has flown over the capitol in Jackson, Mississippi for over 120 years. I want to say it flew for 126 years, but don’t quote me. Some consider the symbol to be racist. That it symbolizes the darkest period of American history. Now, if you happen to possess half of a brain cell, you should be able to realize that time has moved on. Mississippi has evolved since that time. 

Drive through the area and look upon the fields of corn, cotton and soy beans. There is not one slave working in the hot sun. Why? Because slavery was abolished, not postponed, eradicated. The fact that people still choose to claim that racism is still alive, doesn’t change the fact that there is no place for slavery or racism in our society.

The politicians of Mississippi chose to nullify our voice by suspending the rules and making the change themselves. We can’t be trusted to vote on the flag. No, our governor stated that he would stand behind the people of Mississippi on whatever we chose. In 2001, we voted on the flag. Over 60% voted no to change the flag. A mere 19 years later, the political hacks decided we don’t know what we are doing.

It’s enough to make this man revolt.

Of course, none of this matters. The federal government and the political parties are in disarray. The Democrats have chosen lunacy and the Republicans are spineless. As the whirlwind of open hostility continues to whip around us, our local government has chosen to embrace the insanity.

I just want to go to heaven and leave this madness behind me. Normally, I would write something brooding, but with a tinge of hope. Or maybe something filled with sarcasm and take potshots at my time in Iraq, or the American government. Today, I am just tired. Tired of the insanity. Tired of living in a world devoid of hope. Tired of journalists and news corporations that thrive on bad news. 

Mostly, I’m just tired.

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