Fear….a minor rambling…

Fear. It’s a four letter word, but the impact it has on individuals and society can’t be overstated. Why do you think the government wields it like a two-ton hammer? Fear is their trident. They use it to keep the sheep fearful, and to amass unlimited power. 

The deep, dark shadows of corruption are nothing without the chains of fear. If I can control what you fear, I can control how you react to it. Fear is the ultimate tool in the anarchist toolbox. Fear makes normally logical people lay aside all reason. They are compelled to lay aside reason and to look to the government for safety.

“That monster hiding under your bed and in your closet wants to devour your kiddies, skeleton and all.” Or to use a modern example: “The unchecked global virus is going to kill all the people you love.”

God forbid we do some research….wait, wait. We have done research. The problem is that the numbers are so inflated, no one knows what is true or accurate. How many people are infected? How many have died? No one knows for certain. 

Fear and corruption make an almost bulletproof shroud. It is a classic maneuver you see with magicians. I get you looking at my left hand, you completely forget about the right.

This little ramble is not to say that there is no virus. I’m 100% certain there is a virus. I’m also sure people have died from it. What I don’t like is having my chain pulled, and I’m pretty certain we are all being played. However, my suggestion would be to follow the guidelines the government has posted. Take care of yourselves and your families. Let’s get through this and pray for a great remainder of this atrocious year.

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