Just a few thoughts while ill…

The thunder rumbles the heavens, and for a brief moment, I considered it just part of the headache I have had since late last night. It’s been an eventful week. This past week has seen me called a traitor, a racist, a Nazi and to top it all off, I have been referred to by my skin tone.

So much for tolerance.

When are we going to learn that just because people disagree with certain things, it doesn’t mean we hate them. As a college student, who didn’t go to college until his 40s, I was often asked why I hated certain people.

“Why do you hate President (name someone you disagree with here)?”

“I don’t hate the President. I disagree with his policies, but I don’t hate him.”

It seems nothing will ever change. If you don’t go with the masses, you are (name the derogatory names here.) Social media is a regular hive of anger and bitterness. Twitter especially. I have never seen such rudeness as I see it in social media. Where else can you post people getting their throats cut, threaten those who disagree with you, and then get banned for making an observation?

Today hasn’t been great, but I have hope tomorrow will be better.

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