Unlikely things, unlikely places…A short story…

It’s amazing what you find when you’re just driving around. The other day, I was cruising and came upon a lighthouse. Usually, this is no big deal, they are found up and down the coastlines of the United States. Considering I wasn’t even on Planet Earth at the time of discovery, I was impressed. Hidden behind a cluster of stars, between Pluto and Mercury, there it was. It definitely wasn’t the tallest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. I almost missed it. There is no speed limit on the intergalactic highway, and I was zooming along and missed my turn.

Turning around at the nearest roundabout, I backtrack and make a right. As I pass the cluster of stars, the lighthouse flashed. “Now, what is that doing all the way out here?” There is a goat trail that leads to the lighthouse. I pull over and get out. As I walk up the trail, a frail, aged woman steps out on the stoop. 

She is a small lady. I’ve never seen one with gills. Yet, here she stood, patiently waiting until I drew closer. 

“Hello, human. What brings you to my lighthouse?”

“Um, hi. I was out riding around and saw this unusual sight.”

“So, your human curiosity is to blame? Your kind pollutes everything you touch, do you wish to destroy my light?”

“I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. I’m Freeman-”

“You may call me the Blue Lady. There are no right foots. You humans are a virus.”

“Okay. Well, I apologize for bothering you. Take care.”

I turn to walk away. As I turn, the Blue Lady appears in front of me. She touches my arm, and my body instantly floods with light.

“Where do you think you’re going, human?” She moves like a wisp. The light fills my body. I can’t move, even breathing is a chore. Heat floods through my pores and the Blue Lady smiles.

“Nothing can stop the light.”

She releases my arm and the light vanishes. I can breathe. Gulping air, I step forward and she puts her hand up.

“Your kind is a virus, filled with darkness. Nothing can stop the light.”

“Lady, I have no desire to hurt you or destroy your piece of the heavens.”

“I know. I searched your soul. You’re free to enter.”

The Blue Lady takes me by the hand. Together, we walk up the stairs, and the door creaks open. Light fills the inside, hues of blue, green and yellow light the atmosphere. Plains and rolling hills fill the inside of the lighthouse. Horses, cattle, bison and various small game are scattered across the landscape.


“Do you like it?”

“I do.” As I stared across the plains, dinosaurs and animals that had been extinct for centuries wandered onto the scene. 

“What is this place? Where did all of this come from?”

“This is what might have been on Earth. If your race of humans had curbed their bloodlust, or their constant drive for progress. Your kind can’t be satisfied. When you over-populated Earth, you turned your attention to the heavens. Now, you are here. I would classify your kind as an invasive species.”

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks. She takes me by the hand and leads me out. Outside the lighthouse, the smothering night of space encroaches upon our presence. 

“Think upon the words I have shared with you. In the eternal night, nothing can stop the light.”

I feel light as I walk back to my intergalactic speeder. “It’s amazing the things you can discover in the unlikeliest of places.” 

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