Random thoughts and coffee…

I would give anything for a president who would call for the abolishment of the ATF and IRS. If they couldn’t secure a full abolishment, then at least reduce their power to infestiminal. The sole purpose of the ATF is to enforce unconstitutional laws. Under the previous administration, the IRS targeted certain groups based on their political affiliation. 

This reeks of corruption.

We all know what happens when a limb has gangrene. The limb is removed so healing can occur. The same thing goes for a corrupt government. We vote them in, we should vote them out. A wise man once said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” There is no middle ground, now. 

I am tired of people being divided, tired of being labeled, tired of being bullied for what I believe in. Take this black man who was murdered by the police. They knelt on his neck for God’s sake. Anyone with half of a brain cell knows this is wrong. No one in their right mind would say this is a good thing. Yet, people in their eagerness to ‘be more compassionate’ or ‘to right the wrongs of the oppressors’ take to social media to blame it on the conservatives. Yes, it is tragic. Every needless death is a tragedy. 

But people can’t let it be. ‘It’s racially motivated!’ No wonder we can’t get along. We are constantly picking at old scabs, tearing up old wounds, and the government just sits back licking their chops.

Where do I stand on the case of the needless death of this man murdered by the police? I think death would be too kind for these officers. You sentence them to life in a supermax prison, and prior to them arriving, you tell the inmates what they’ve done. Then you drop them into the general population and let the problem sort itself out.

These are just a few random thoughts of mine as I drink my coffee and wonder what has become of my country.

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