Unselfish love and the blanket of freedom…

This is my second Memorial Day post I’ve written today. I suppose all my emotions are mixed-up. It comes from having a firsthand look at places like Fallujah, Iraq. Being ‘boots on ground’ is much different than seeing it on your television screen. Then, I come home and watch these ‘elected idiots’ turn my country into the American version of some third-world dump.

It sickens me to my stomach.

I’m going to take you on a small trip through some of what I’ve seen. I’ll try to keep it clean. The first night in Iraq, a rocket was shot through our barracks. It didn’t detonate, but it passed over a friend’s head and became lodged in my door. In less than two weeks, my friend became a shell of his former self. He jumped at everything, his nerves were frayed.

In Kuwait, prior to us driving into Iraq, I watched a solid NCO melt into shambles from the intensity of his memories. The bonds forged by combat are stronger than most anything, but the chains that bind our minds seem unbreakable as well.

The best of us never come home. 

From the blood-stained beaches of France, to the jungles of Vietnam, some men and women have given all in the pursuit of freedom. When their nation called, they answered. The geographical location of horror doesn’t matter. American fighting men and women are the bulwark against the rising tide of evil.

I’ve heard many people, ‘experts’ I believe they are called, have stated innumerable times that America should have never gone to Iraq. Obviously, these ‘experts’ have never seen people beheaded for ‘shaming’ their families, or seen children sold as sex slaves. Or seen mass graves filled with bones of women and children. Clearly, these know-it-alls live in a nice bubble of freedom, which allows them to run their mouths concerning things they don’t know anything about.

That bubble is provided by the most unselfish folks I know.

My friends, you may be gone now, but I will keep your memories alive. Know that it has been my greatest honor to walk beside you, until God called you home.

Garry Owen,

1/7 Cav, The First Team.

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