Context for Silence….

I have been asked about my post titled Silence. After giving it just a smidgen of consideration, I’ve decided to provide some context.

The fictional character (me) sits alone in a cage. There is no light, and he is trapped with only his thoughts to keep him occupied. While thinking about his wife and children, the script is flipped upside down. Everything hinges on the mistake.

You see what I did?

The cage is his mind. His thoughts are dark. The torment is his guilt from cheating on his spouse.


He realizes he isn’t a good man.

Now that the context is provided, it might make a bit more sense. Ah, but you’re wondering about the masks though aren’t ya? It’s just a bit of symbolism to show that humanity tries to hide their true nature by wearing a mask.

Here is the kicker. I wrote this after taking a Tylenol PM. Then, I couldn’t sleep but the drug was still in my system. The lights were off in my house, and I sat on the couch with my laptop. In the dark. Trapped with my thoughts.

And that brings us to my post titled, Silence.

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