A rainy evening and getting right with the Man..

Thunder booms loudly, as Chunk paces the couch. Back and forth my little pup appears to be fixated on the downpour outside. I curl up on the couch and he lays beside me. It isn’t long before he turns to face the other direction and then back again. Lightning flashes and then cracks. Chunk leaps to his feet, his ears upright, his stance frightened.

It’s just another rainy evening.

The band Van Zant sings a song called, “Help Somebody.” In the chorus there is a line and it goes like this, “help somebody if you can and get right with the Man.” The Man in question isn’t the government, but rather The Almighty God. Bad weather makes Chunk and I want to get right with the Man. This may strike some as humorous, but it is said in all seriousness.

For those not aware, I am a Christian. There are times when my actions may lead one to think otherwise, but I do want to go to Heaven. Bad weather is just a reminder that our time on Earth is short, and we should focus on our final destination more than our earthly possessions.

Chunk lays his head on the arm of the couch and looks at me. As if to say, “Dude, I need some cuddles.” After writing my post for Freeman’s Front Porch Musings, I am trapped again with my thoughts, but this time, I brought company. My dog is my lifeline. He is my faithful friend, and I can always depend on him to make me smile. Even in bad weather he lifts my spirits.

Well, it appears that the lightning has moved on to another area, and the rain is tapping out a tune on the tin roof. My eyes are getting heavy, so I am going to lie down again. I guess tomorrow, I will do a Google search and find out what causes thunder. Chunk has a need-to-know.

Good night,

Freeman, L.J.

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