I stand alone…..RIP troop….

“I stand alone, me vs. the world.”

Today, I lost a friend. He’s been dead a week but today, I found out about it. What is the thing that haunted him the most? Was it the ghosts of Iraq? Why would he take his own life?

“I stand alone. Ever vigilant, caring for those who can’t be bothered to care about me.” He was funny, witty and quick to smile. What torment did it cover? Why am I sitting in my recliner crying, wondering why I did nothing?  Was it my demons that kept me from reaching out or his for not accepting help?

“He’s gone and I’m alone.” I have too few friends as it is. All I can tell you, is that I need you. Too few people understand us veterans. Our humor is dark, our minds filthy and our drive, unstoppable. Yet, we are only as strong as the next link. Please, reach out if you need help.

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