I am slowly working my way through Elementary. As a fan of the hero, Sherlock Holmes, I am entranced by Jonny Lee Miller’s portrayal of the famous sleuth. I have never seen any of the older takes on the famous duo of Sherlock and Watson. I was introduced to the show, Sherlock by a friend.  My friend and I watched the four seasons of Sherlock, and I found that I enjoyed the show, but it left me hungering for more complex mysteries.

Then, I was introduced to Elementary.

In Sherlock, Mr. Holmes is an established consultant with Scotland Yard. Throughout the four seasons, Holmes deals with the challenges and is an unshakeable force for good. Meanwhile, in Elementary, Sherlock is a recovering addict. Miller’s portrayal is animated and agitated, it could be stated his interpretation of the character resembles a high functioning autistic. Throughout the show, Holmes’s battle with addiction is a central aspect of the plot. The crux of the show is still solving mysteries, but the evolution of Holmes from an addict to his former prowess as a sleuth is amazing story writing.

I blew through the first 15 episodes. However, then his archenemy is introduced. I am a fan of Moriarty; the cruelness and devious nature of the man is legendary. Imagine my surprise when the character is introduced as a woman.  To be completely candid, when I first started watching the series, I was not a fan of Watson being recast as a woman. My dislike of the recasting of a character is simple. I am a purist; I want the characters to line up to the novels. However, Lucy Liu does a wonderful job as Watson, and I took great interest in seeing what would occur when Moriarty showed up.

I was not disappointed.

Far be it me to ruin the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it. If you like good mysteries, great characters and good storytelling, Elementary is a good way to get all three in one show. Don’t take my word for it, check it out!

16 February 2020

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