Thoughts about the 2nd Amendment and gun control….

It is a little after 0300 as I gather my thoughts to write. Some days, the magic just happens. I sit down and words type themselves and other days, I struggle to make sense of anything. This morning, I have been buffered with memes on my Facebook timeline which all have the same message, “think of the children.” Without fail, this seems to be the argument of people who seek to persuade me to be more open-minded concerning gun control measures in our country. Actually, it tends to be the last remark made prior to succumbing to name calling, by those far more tolerant than I.

Ah well, I suppose I can spare a few moments to discuss my stance on gun control before heading out to breakfast.

Herein lies my problem with gun control measures. Laws have already been generated, which restrict the ownership of certain weapons to the general public. For example, no one is allowed to own an automatic weapon. It doesn’t matter if you pass a psychological test, have no felonies, or have been nominated for sainthood by the good Mother Teresa, you can’t own one. Mind you, this piece of legislature violates the Constitution, but we will set that point to the side for now.

Certain states restrict magazine capacity. “Who needs more than ten rounds?” Well, given the fact most of us don’t have 24/7 security for our families and it is solely dependent upon us to protect said family, the better question would be, “Who are you to suggest I only need ten rounds?” Few of us are as accurate in our firearm qualification as a Tier One operator. Therefore, it is possible we may need more than ten rounds. What if there are multiple attackers? What if we miss? What if we must reload in the middle of a fight for our lives? These questions point to the useless restrictions on magazine capacity.

Think of the children.

Another issue with gun control (from my viewpoint) is the ever-tightening regulation on various additions one can make to our firearm. Sure, you can have a laser sight on your pistol or a flashlight on your shotgun. However, when there is a tragic mass shooting, the cry for gun owners to give up more of their freedom is resounded from the Halls of Lunacy (aka Washington.) Bump stocks are the latest victim of said regulation. Yes, I am aware the mass shooter in Vegas used a bump stock during his spree killing. Does that make every gun owner a mass shooter? I would like an answer to this question, not an emotional plea for me to think of the children.

The Second Amendment is constantly being assaulted by the lunatics that operate in the fantasy world found in the Halls of Lunacy. They could care less about the children and are only concerned with pushing their agenda. “How dare I suggest they could care less about the children?” Watch the video of Governor Ralph Northam describing the murder of a newborn child (aka third trimester, late term abortion.) At no point does he even hesitate to describe the gruesomeness of this action, instead he seems to revel in the mass killings he has taken part in. You don’t get to lecture me about children when you’re hands are soaked in the blood of innocent newborns.

Now let’s talk about the Constitution and what it applies to. The Second Amendment doesn’t give us the right to have a national army nor does it apply only to hunting. Rather, it allows WE THE PEOPLE to stand against a tyrannical government. At the very end of the wording it states, “shall not be infringed.” Hmm, then I humbly submit any legislature regulating the selling of weapons or attachments are unconstitutional. Let me spell it out for those who would say the Founding Fathers could not envision the evolution of weapons. You are probably correct, but they could envision a tyrannical government that sought to regulate every aspect of their citizens lives. As a matter of fact, they had just fought a war over it when they penned the Constitution. Thus, the imperative language at the end of the Second Amendment isn’t a request but an order to the government. “You shall not infringe upon the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. You shall not infringe upon their right to form a militia.” It is written in black and white, how hard can it be to understand?

Think of the children…

Lastly, I would suggest crime would be lower, if more people were armed and proficient in the use of said weapon. It is a proven fact that if a person looks prepared for trouble, they tend to be left alone. If you doubt my logic, take the time to go through the sites of mass shootings and look at the targeted areas. Almost none of these attacks took place where hard targets were found. Instead, they took place in “gun free” zones (i.e. movie theaters, concerts, bars, schools, etc.)

These are just a few thoughts I have on the useless nature of gun control measures. I hope I have laid out my case to where it is easy to understand, and in a way, it is not offensive.

Until next time,


07 February 2020

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