Thoughts about Mr. Romney, and the danger of group think and double speak…

I have been reading about Mitt Romney and his vote against President Trump’s acquittal. Many folk claim this is nothing new, Romney is a RINO (Republican in name only.) While I believe Mr. Romney should support his party, he is free to vote however he chooses. Is it any different from John McCain and the numerous times he failed to vote with his party on the issues they sought to engage on?

It is comical to think Mr. Romney holds the power to sink the “none-burger” which was the impeachment fiasco. Let me not forget my place, I’m just a country bumpkin who shares his thoughts via this blog. I’m not a politician, nor a political advisor. My understanding is limited to what I read and a few trusted sites which have proven to be non-partisan.


General Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking the same way, someone isn’t thinking.” This entire fiasco shines a spotlight on the dangers of group think and double speak. As a writer who seeks to pen a fictional novel, the narrative of these proceedings illuminate how much I lack in the development of plot structure. Mr. Romney did not pen the narrative, but he played a key role in trying to change the minds of his colleagues in the Republican sector. It is not a part just anyone could play. In Christian lingo, we would say Mr. Romney is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Because of his role in these proceedings and the knowledge he is nothing more than a Democrat playing at being a Republican, the party should remove him immediately. If Mr. Romney chooses to stand with his allies in the Democratic Party, then make him be a Democrat. If he chooses to run as a Republican, then he needs to stand with his allies in the Republican Party. As it stands now, he can’t be trusted to be honest and upright with his colleagues on the right.

Both parties need to get back to the grass roots of their founding. This partisan drivel, the over dramatic acting, and the outright hypocrisy of both parties is a national embarrassment. There were no winners in this fiasco. Mr. Romney played his role, and he can attempt to explain it by shielding it with his “faith” but the truth remains…he is as much a traitor as Benedict Arnold or Judas Iscariot. He may not have sold out an innocent man, nor given information to the enemies of the United States, but he knowingly put his dislike of the president above the cause of justice.

The current president is a flawed man, and while he is far from perfect, he has done his best to bring America back to good standing. Mr. Romney can’t see past his own dislike of Mr. Trump’s personality to see the truth of the matter. Personally, I don’t think it would have mattered either way. Mr. Romney could care less about the truth; he is more interested in putting his name into the running for president again. Obviously, Mr. Romney wouldn’t be able to enter the 2020 race, but 2024 is a different story.

In the end, Mr. Romney shows why the most dangerous thing on this planet is a friend with an agenda. He can claim he voted his conscious, that his faith guided him to vote against an immoral president, but it still doesn’t keep his actions against his own party from being treasonous.

06 February 2020

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