Book covers and other randomness…

I am going to limit my words on the acquittal of President Trump and focus on the importance of updated book covers.

To my chagrin, Barnes and Nobles are remaking the covers of classic literature to be more inclusive and diverse. In my humble opinion this is a fail. I have a question I would like to pose: Exactly what good will come out of this action? First, most people do not read classic literature. When was the last time you saw a teen walking around with a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Or the Dicken’s classic A Tale of Two Cities? Does anyone read Macbeth? Hamlet? 1984? Romeo and Juliet?

It is nothing more than empty posturing, an attempt to boost book sales in a section which receives fewer visits than the graphic novels. I do understand that some of these books I listed are hard to read. It taxes the imagination to place yourself in the environment the author has created. Some books are easier to read than others. However, I do not think changing the covers is the correct answer to make it more appealing. If this was the only thing to ruffle my feathers this morning. I would be okay. But wait there’s more….

Again, to my chagrin, an unnamed representative made a statement concerning how 48 Senators represented 18 million more Americans than the other 52 Senators which acquitted the president yesterday. “This isn’t fair!” she boldly claimed. Um, America is a Constitutional Republic where every American has a voice. It’s not a numbers game where whoever has the most constituents set the rules for the rest of the drones. I would tell this unnamed individual to crack open a history book, but alas, I am sure the cover isn’t diversified enough.

And, that brings me to the end of this pile of randomness. I hope this finds you all in good health and better spirits.


06 February 2020

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