Novel writing….the path of a lost writer….

I was scrolling though the various tweets that abound in the Twitter writers’ group, when I came upon a person’s tweet stating they had two novels to complete by the year’s end. Surely, I can complete one novel by years end, if this individual is motivated to complete two. Reluctantly, I looked back at the path my novel has taken.

The first year I attempted NANOWRIMO, I almost completed it. Halfway through the novel, I didn’t like what I had done with it and I deleted it. A valuable lesson has been branded into my writing brain due to this inexplicable decision.

My second attempt was thwarted by a lack of motivation, in the end nothing came from it.

Computer issues wiped out my third attempt to write a novel in a month.

2019 saw me fall into a rut and stay there. It wasn’t a lack of motivation that hindered me, it was a lack of ideas and direction.

Now, I must wait 9 months before NANOWRIMO comes back around. I hope to find the passion which fueled my first attempt at novel writing. It is deep inside me; I know my desire to be a published author has not diminished. For me writing is not about fame or fortune. Those things would be nice, but for me it is about the sharing of a story that burned brightly in my heart. I want to share my stories with people so they can join in the happiness I feel when I write them.

To me, writing is an exercise in love. I love to write, and I hope you love to travel through the pages with the characters that burn fervently in my brain.

L. Freeman

31 January 2020

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