The death of due process…

Yesterday, I wrote a rant concerning “endless wars.” It seems I haven’t healed enough to hold a non-biased conversation about war, politicians and politics. I’m not one for apologizing, but I will try to do better in the future.

Instead, this morning I would like to write about the death of due process in America. The impeachment proceedings against the current president is setting dangerous precedents in our country. First, according to the Constitution, we are all granted a fair and speedy trial. We also have the right to know who our accusers are. Witnesses (on both sides) are called. In this impeachment fiasco the rules have changed. When the House of Representatives were formulating the Articles of Impeachment, the accusations kept changing (this would be the first sign of corruption.) Only the Democrats were allowed into their “secret meetings.”

It all reeks of criminality.

Then we had a month-long delay before the Senate received the Articles of Impeachment. It is entirely possible the House of Representatives wanted to look over the articles and ensure nothing was missing. When I served in the Army, we were constantly reminded to check, check, check and re-check. I am sure it is no different at the highest levels of government. However, now the Democrats want to make demands on how the Senate should do their job. As a friend of mine once told me, “Son, there has to be a better way.”

If our “representatives” can impeach the most powerful individual in the modern world without abiding by the Constitution, are we naïve enough to think they will not throw out the rule book when it comes to us? Before people get upset and say it doesn’t matter because they disagree with Trump, think about this for a moment: The Constitution applies to every single American (legal immigrants and native-born citizens.) Since the birth of the Constitution, not once has it only applied to those of a certain mindset, personality, or lack thereof. Therefore, I humbly submit that the current president has the same rights as the rest of us.

Every morning I wake up hoping that this travesty is over. Unfortunately, the circus is still in town. The real victim in this cluster is the judicial system; I am not sure the system can recover from the recent assault upon it. All of it, (the impeachment proceedings, the gun grab in Virginia, etc.) seems to be a premeditated assault on our God-given rights.

How much more can we withstand?

31 January 2020

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