Rant concerning “endless wars”….

I was just on Twitter when I came across a tweet by Representative Ilhan Omar. To avoid misquoting her tweet, I will paraphrase: We have money for endless wars, etc. etc. but none for meals on wheels, free healthcare, and more goodies. I was faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, I could ignore the statement, or I could comment on the tweet and troll said representative. Another option would be taking the tweet and using it as motivation to do some research on the facts of the matter. Then again, I could write my thoughts down and share it on my blog. Guess which one I chose to do?

Yep, I’m gonna write about it.

To be honest, I can agree with some of her points. We should do more for the homeless, disabled and elderly. I totally agree with this statement. Do I agree with free healthcare, college and lifestyles? Nope. However, what stuck in my craw this afternoon was the statement concerning “endless wars.” Given that Representative Omar is an immigrant from Somalia, perhaps she missed what happened on September 11, 2001. Americans were going about their lives with little to no thought about anything but getting through the day, when we were attacked. America did not ask to be attacked nor did we initiate the first blow. Like Pearl Harbor, the event not the movie, it was a sneak attack that took us unaware. Close to three thousand souls were lost on that fateful day, another three thousand plus were injured. Should we have sat on the sideline and just brushed it off as a consequence of our prosperity? Or perhaps it was because we are “the Great Satan” according to certain religions?

Certain politicians have made remarks about people who have died defending this country or serving their country overseas. “What does it matter now?” or the infamous words, “some people did something.” Well, I understand we all have the freedom of speech, so they are welcome to say what they wish. Here is my opinion on the matter: However long it takes, justice must be served. If we must occupy the Middle East for the next 100 years so be it.

I know that sounds terrible but watching your countrymen leap from skyscrapers, so they don’t burn to death in a towering inferno is terrible also. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but as my parents always told my brother and I, don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. It’s also my opinion if politicians are going to send American troops to fight a war, they need to shut up, get out of the way and let us do what is necessary to win. At no point, should our troops and their families be viewed as nothing more than chess pieces in a game between nations. If that is the way the politicians want to play it, then all military age politicians and their children should be placed in the military. This means upon graduation of boot camp and MOS training, they are sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. It would not take long for things to change.

It seems I have run down a rabbit trail. In summary, the “endless war” we are involved in is because of the actions of other nations. America should not leave until victory is achieved, regardless of the cost. If we can afford to house illegal immigrants, hold impeachment proceedings on trumped up charges (pun intended) and spend taxpayer money like there is no limit, we can support our troops.

If we can’t, then I suggest we free up money by cutting funds to welfare, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations. While they are at it, stop stealing from Social Security and give a raise to the elderly.

Rant complete.

30 January 2020

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