Last light….

The sunset today, 28 January 2020, is unbelievable. Dark clouds with a purplish tint, softened with a glint of pink breaking the outline of the clouds, is magnificent. As I stand mesmerized by its beauty, a single thought crosses my mind, “last light.”

I suppose these words could be foreboding, or promising, dependent upon the perspective of the person admiring the sunset. In my mind, it seems to be a promise of a new morning, hopefully one without rain. However, the words have caused me to reflect. After my premature retirement from the Army, I was lost. When I served, my every moment seemed to be planned out, however, the sudden removal of a harried career caused me to be overwhelmed by the lack of things to fill my day with. Thus, in an effort to gain some semblance of balance in my life, I would get up prior to the sunrise and walk to a dog park in the northern part of Colorado Springs. There, I would sit on a boulder and watch the sun rise above the city.

In the quietness of the early morning sun, I would watch people go about their busy lives. Those early morning walks taught me a lot about healing. No one explained to me that the healing process was often as painful as the initial injury. The breaks in my psyche took a long time to heal, and in some instances, I don’t think I have completely healed. However, as last light approaches, I have no fear.

If the darkness is to follow last light, it is not my first time to experience the dark. My hope does not lie in my strength nor in therapy. Instead, I will cling to my faith, and trust that my Father knows the steps that I take. Because after last light, there is always the first light.

The sun may set, but it will rise again.

28 January 2020

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