Memories of Saturday mornings…and the smile it brings on remembrance…..

As I write this morning, the Looney Tunes are playing in the background. Pepe Le Pew is up to his usual antics, but I am waiting on the program that comes on after my second favorite cartoon. Tom and Jerry is only a half an hour away. In between the failed wooing of Mr. Le Pew and my guffaws at his tireless pursuit, I wonder about the impact these animations have had on my life. Hopefully, Pepe did not affect my perspective on love.

It is amazing to me how little things such as these cartoons impact our memories. I remember sitting at my grandmother’s home in Auburn, California watching Yosemite Sam attempt to defeat the devilish Bugs Bunny in multiple scenarios. These memories cause me to smile, even today. My grandfather and I would laugh at the harassment Jerry visited upon Tom and vice versa during late night television prior to the channels going off for the night. Saturday mornings consisted of the Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, He-Man, GI Joe, and Scooby Doo. Of course, I am old enough to remember programs such as Captain Caveman, Mr. Rogers and The Muppets.

Of course, there is also the memory of my return from Iraq in 2005. My youngest daughter was a year old, and we were having a hard time reconnecting. One day I came home for lunch, and I sprawled out on the floor to watch Tom and Jerry. The patter of little feet made me look away from the television and I watched as Emma crawled in my lap. We sat there and watched Jerry outwit Tom. I laughed and she giggled. It was like God sent me an angel to remind me of the good things in my life, parts that remained untouched by the destructive hands of war.

Life has changed an awful lot since the infancy of these programs. As a society we have become more vicious and devious. Many would point at these programs as the foundation of chaos which now ravages our society. However, I believe these cartoons did not bring a message of hate but of tolerance and love. Regardless of the antics of Tom or Jerry, they were searching for fun, and they constantly ended up friends again. Then it started all over the following weekend.

Well, I am getting close to the start of my program. I will end it here. May your week be filled with sunshine, love and just a pinch of mischief.

Take care.

27 January 2020

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