Hope in the darkness…

I have been lacking in my writing. There has been plenty of worthy events to write about, but I have had a couple of events that has kept my mind elsewhere. Thus, I must make a habit of writing again. The impeachment fiasco is still in full swing. I am beyond disgusted by the behavior of both parties. Then it appears that the Commonwealth of Virginia has completely lost their minds. The unconstitutional gun ban which the Supreme Court has upheld is still in effect.

Is it not enough our rights are constantly under assault? Now it appears the Supreme Court has decided to join in the attack on the Constitution.

Exactly how much are we going to take before we correct this behavior? We can avoid another civil war by voting out the individuals who are selling out the soul of America to the highest bidder. Of course, this means the majority must be on the same page, and let’s face it…. most of us aren’t there.  The lack of border security is pushing the numbers of unregistered voters into the opposite direction. If that isn’t enough, most youth today favors socialism. So, the odds are stacked high in their favor.

I can’t explain the frustration I feel concerning these events.

Sure, I know the Lord has a plan and it is working to His will. These events and all ensuing action will be whatever the Lord has in store for us. I have a hard time accepting that my country has turned into a smaller model of a Communist regime or Socialist utopia. I have spoken at length about my military service, and the reasons I joined the Army. However, the thoughts don’t bring me enjoyment but remorse. I fought for the America I grew up in. A land where you were free to pursue your dreams, where your achievements in life depended upon your work ethic and determination. Where we were stronger together and while mistakes were made, we were proud to be Americans. Our presidents did not apologize to our enemies for actions we took to defend ourselves and allies.

That version of America doesn’t exist anymore. As gloomy as I am making it sound, there is hope. In the book of Romans 8:28 it states that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. To maintain a positive outlook concerning the state of my country, I am going to keep this promise in mind. Nothing is hopeless when God is involved.

America is not without hope, we are just getting into position for the greatest revival the world has ever seen.

I can’t wait.

19 January 2020

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