An unpopular opinion…

I went to a college campus yesterday and was dismayed to find our state flag missing from the flagpole standing outside. It seems the college has no problem accepting our money but refuses to accept our history. You can make mistakes on an exam, you can even get a second chance to do it over, but you can’t learn from your mistakes in life.

Well done, your lack of spine is disturbing.

Granted, the state flag has been missing for the past two years. I have been waiting to see if the campus director was going to uphold his word.

“Where did our flag go?”

“Oh, it was ripped. We ordered a new one.”

Two years later, we still have no flag. Given that in some cases state colleges receive three times more state funds than tuition, they should be reminded of who is floating the tab. It’s not your student body, it’s the taxpayers. Here is what I would attempt to implement on my first day as governor.

“Hi! I appreciate each of you taking the time away from your duties at your university/colleges to be here today. I will keep this brief. The state flag will always be flown outside of your university/college campus. Failure to comply will see your state funds shut off. If you do not like our values here, feel free to pack up and leave. Thanks.”

Sure, it could be an overreach. Yet, these college campuses have no problem overreaching when it suits their agenda. If the state flag of Mississippi is so offensive, then don’t come to Mississippi. It’s that easy. However, we coddle those who are offended. “Oh, it’s okay. We know that lifeless banner offends you.” Tell me, when were you in chains exactly? How old are you? How much cotton have you picked in your life? Is that carpal tunnel from mashing buttons on a PlayStation controller?

Slavery in America was eradicated in mid-to late 1860’s. For those without a calculator, that is over 150 years ago. Raise your hand if you are 150+ years old. The adoption of the 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Yes, the Reconstruction Era had trouble, but we have overcome it. However, some people refuse to let go of the “bad old days” because it gets them attention. Some folk even make a good living keeping the racist vibe alive (here is looking at you Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton). Slavery is a black eye on our history, but sometimes a black eye is needed to clear our vision.

I suppose none of this rambling really matters. We have capitulated to the mob’s demand, and we have opened the door for further concessions. Apparently, you can have your history if it fits the approved narrative. If it doesn’t, your history will be removed by the screeching mob that is just around the corner.

15 January 2019

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