A time for good news!

“Mileage can be rough…”

The line above is from the movie Shooter, which is based off the novel, Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. The past day or so it has floated around in my brain, and when this occurs, I take it as a sign that I should write about it.

So, let’s see what happens.

Life has a way of wearing us down. The constant bombardment never seems to cease, there might be a lull at times, but it is only because life has stopped firing long enough to reload. It seems the bad news grows worse by the day, and light only sparingly illuminates the way forward. However, I have good news. Trials may come and tribulations may go, but there is a peace which exceeds the limits of human understanding. It is found in a personal relationship with a man named Jesus Christ.

No matter how dark the night, we don’t have to walk through the darkness alone.

This is the revelation I found in the inky blackness of my life. When all hope is gone, and life has beaten me senseless, God is my refuge. He is my strong tower. When depression blinds me, and anxiety strokes my nerves to a fever pitch, God never leaves me. Throughout the storm, He is my constant companion. People who I thought would never leave me, left. Through every trial, my Savior is ever faithful. The lightning may flash, the thunder may crash, but I know the man who walks upon the waves.

In the noise of my life, He whispers: “Peace be still.”

22 December 2019

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