Isolation, memories and Rambo….

To get in the mood for Christmas, I have been watching Rambo.

One theme follows the four movies. “You must make peace with who you are…” Or have been…or…I happen to like the movies; they are good entertainment.

Stallone’s transformation from a normal athletic build to a behemoth is staggering if you watch the movies in order. My own transformation has taken many years.

First, I was a good guy, then a decent man, and now I am worthless.

Lately, I have been considering my spiritual life. I am thankful for the mercy of God. Where would I be without the blessings I am given daily by the Lord? In my quiet time, I have considered what hindered my walk with God when I was younger. To simplify, it was isolation.  It started with a few missed services, then it became a lifestyle. I didn’t go directly into hardcore sinning; it took years for me to reach that point.

Isolation is a military tactic. You cut off a unit from their supply routes and reinforcements. After you cut them off, you bring any type of attack you want, for as long as you want. The same logic applies spiritually. If you are isolated, the devil can lay waste to your spiritual life.

Every day we must put on the whole armor of God, pick up our sword and shield and stand in the face of adversity. Somedays it’s easier than others. I struggle mightily somedays. However, I Samuel 7:12 tells us to build an altar to remember the times the Lord has helped us. When I think on the goodness in my life, I can’t be angry long. I am like everyone else. Things don’t go to plan, or almost never go to plan, but my life is good. I don’t have everything I want in life, but I have everything I need.

There are things I want in my life. However, if I never receive it, I will find a way to live without it.

A young man came to me at mid-week service and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Rather grumpily, I informed him I grew up poor and we accepted whatever we were given (without complaint). Clearly, this was not the answer he was expecting. I have had a great life, if I had the power to change anything about my life, I wouldn’t. Every experience has made me stronger. I have learned from my mistakes. Life and pain are the greatest instructors.

I am grateful to be here among the living.

20 December 2019

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