Tense writing, but I know how the story ends…

What is the point of a life dedicated to ideals?

How do I make sense of my life now? My career in the military represented my dedication to the principals that America was just in going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. As I posted previously, the America I would have gladly given my life for has drowned in the quagmire of gluttony and greed. How do we decide which ideals to uphold or let down? Apparently, the days of standards passed away at the same time America of old gasped its last breath.

And the idiots have cheered its demise.

“YAY! After years of bashing him and his family, after one false accusation after another, after one outright lie upon another, FINALLY we have impeached him!”

Democracy is dead, long live mob rule. You better hope to God these “duly elected folk” don’t decide you are next in line. Because now they know they don’t even need a statute to accuse you of anything or bring a sentence upon you.

So, well done. You have pushed us one step closer to the brink.

You know, no one likes to lose. Whether its sports, academics, or elections, America loves a winner. So, I can understand the bitter taste in the Democrats mouth after 2016. After eight years of “no hope and no change”, we found ourselves at the very bottom of the pit. Sure, the President before Trump was a phenom when it came to public speaking and voting present. Trump cuts through the mess like no one’s business. He isn’t nice about it; he didn’t promise to be gentle. I get it. Sissies rule the government and Trump is a big meanie.

How soft are you that mere words cause you pain? We ruled the playgrounds when I was a kid with an iron fist. This generation would have never survived it.

It is heart breaking that our veteran community must watch as these Nazi-wannabes mock our sacrifice. Since the rule of law is no longer applicable, we might as well burn the Constitution. The Democrats want absolute power and they will lie, steal, cheat, and kill whoever gets in their way of achieving their goal. “You don’t know what you are talking about!” No? Trump won in a landslide (306-232 electoral votes). We don’t elect presidents by popular votes. He took the election campaign by storm, and fearing another sweep like 2016, the incompetent media and the DNC have pushed this “Russian Collusion” narrative for three years.

I’m not calling anyone a liar, but you will probably spend eternity in their company.

Perhaps, I am making a mountain out of a molehill. What do you call it when a group of uncivilized idiots rip apart the Constitution in an effort to frame an innocent man? Well, not to mention the entire hatchet job they did on Kavanaugh. Is it slander? Assault? Can you imagine if someone had dragged Barak and Michelle through the same mudholes? *Gasp! *

It’s not very Christ-like for me to be this tense or upset, so I am going to end on this note. The Lord is soon to come, and when He does, “every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess…”

19 December 2019

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