Shame and disgrace….

The America I swore an oath to and defended is no more.

For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to say I served in America’s fighting forces. I’m beyond ashamed of my government and their antics. America once stood for hope, peace, longsuffering and goodwill. Now, the elected officials of this country fight over the ashes of what remains. They should all be tried for treason and discarded like the human refuse they are.

I was going to wax philosophical about evidence, and the dangers of setting precedents violating numerous statutes of the Constitution. No one cares. Let’s get down to brass tacks, the Democrats lost in 2016 and have no prayer of winning in 2020. So burn the Constitution, lie, steal, cheat, kill whoever gets in the way, they must be in charge. Anything other than complete control will not suffice. Look at how much they have sacrificed already; they have revealed everything I will ever need to know. They care not one whit about the will of the American people.

A duly elected president has been impeached on freaking hearsay.

It makes me sick.

19 December 2019

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