Something different…

“Phoebe, will you love me, no matter the reason of separation?”

Lightning flashes on the horizon, thunder crashes as if summoning the gods to Olympus. Keno looks up from the net he is repairing, tilts his head and listens. A small hand touches his shoulder.

“I will love you for all time. Separation shan’t keep us apart forever.”

A small hand grasp Keno’s hand and tugs. “Father, where are you going?’ Keno’s gaze lands on his son, Caddis. Tall for his six years, his brown hair hanging in his hazel eyes, he searches his dad ‘s face for answers.

The heavens threaten to rip apart with lightning and the rumbling thunder. “I must commune with the gods, son. Stay here and protect your mother.”

“Yes, father.”

Leaning down Keno kisses his wife deeply. “I love you, Phoebe.”

Keno turns and walks away from his family. Each step causes ripples upon the face of the sea. Keno’s green eyes darken from the approaching storm. “What do they want?”

Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite watch as Keno walks along the shoreline toward the ruins of a temple. “He appears angry. Does he not miss his family?” Zeus and Hades chuckle. “We shall soon see.” Hades nods his head in agreement. “Surely, the ruler of the seas knows the consequences of reduction.”

Keno walks into the temple. Standing before the statue of Neptune, he takes the trident into his hands. Instantly, he materializes in Olympus.

“Hello, Neptune. Are you enjoying playing mortal on earth?”

“Aphrodite. Why am I being summoned to Olympus?”

Smoothing her robe, Aphrodite smiles. “Zeus has some questions for you. Do you have time to join us?”

“Only for a moment.”

“That will have to be enough.”

Aphrodite leads Neptune into the throne room. “Hello, brother.” Lightning flashes in Zeus’s eyes. Neptune’s eyes shows the power of the storms. Thunder begins to rumble.

“What is the meaning of these summons?”

“What heart hath Neptune? Who doth he foolishly reduce his status to be with?

“Does love count as nothing? Does our armor not succumb to loneliness whether we be mortals or gods?”

Hades smiles. “How delightful! Who is this wench who has brought the mighty Neptune to his knees? What is the name of your new home? The mortals have a name for it, right?”

“The shores of calamity.”

“Yes, that is it. What a dreadful name. Why is it called that, brother?”

“It is a storm epi-center; many people drown and die in the storms.”

Aphrodite smiles. “Sounds like a full-time gig. From godhood to fisherman. Boring. How did you come to reduce yourself to be with a mortal hag? What is she compared to my beauty?”

“She is my one great love.”

“She is a foolish mortal, and you’re a foolish god.”

Blinding lightning erupts in the throne room. “Reduction comes at a cost…”

With a roar, Neptune leaps at Zeus trident in hand. “Leave them be or does Olympus challenge the ruler of the seas to combat?’

Zeus laughs. “We wish no war, brother. Let us be civil. We miss you here on Olympus. Go, be with those you love.”

“I will try to do better.”

As Neptune leaves via the portal back to earth, Hades smirks. “He would threaten Olympus over his hag and her wretched son?”

“Something must be done to right this grievous wrong. Suggestions?”

Aphrodite shrugs. “I don’t know. I am the god of beauty.”

“Herein lies the question I pose to you, Hades and Aphrodite. How does one stir up the wrath of Neptune?”

“I don’t know, Zeus.”

An evil grin crosses Hades face. “Soak this sow’s quarters with cattle blood. Chain them to the pylons on the shores of calamity. His rage will whiten when he is unable to find them.”

“Let Neptune kill what he loves.”

“You are a vile and wretched god, Hades. Make it so.”

The walk from the temple to his home passes smoothly. A full moon shows the glass-like face of the ocean as Neptune makes his way home. “I can’t wait to see Phoebe and Caddis.” His joy is short lived.  Passing through the entrance, the house is soaked with blood.

“Phoebe? Caddis?”

Rage fills his chest and with a mighty roar, the seas come alive.

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