Jussie Smollett, the truth, and the absence of light…

What is the world coming to?

Idiots in our society trumps up charges (pun intended), claim to be a victim of a hate crime (that they fabricated) and the media runs it as the truth. What is the deal with the lying? Jussie Smollett is countersuing the City of Chicago for “malicious prosecution.” This is after he fabricated a hate crime. On himself. Why isn’t this guy in jail?

Are there no consequences for our actions anymore?

The current trending topic, of course, is the impeachment of President Trump. I’m sorry, the impeachment inquiry. It is difficult to say it without laughing. Generally, if you are attempting to prosecute someone, you charge them with a crime. Let’s see how the proceedings have started. First, it was quid pro quo. Then extortion. Now it’s bribery. Tomorrow it might be something new. It’s like musical chairs of the impeachment process. Or duck, duck, goose. The whole thing is a sham which is being perpetrated on the American people by our representatives. We should fire all these idiots.

There is no place for truth in our society anymore. The media is no longer interested in the truth, rather, in our society its all about the narrative. Why? Because you can’t spin the truth. Narrative, however, is disguised as the truth but isn’t the truth. To put a finer point on it, the truth doesn’t care about your opinion, bias, or any other factor. It is absolute. Truth does not change because of external forces. It doesn’t fluctuate due to the political tides. It is only the truth.  Which seems to not matter to any of the politicians on either side.

Truth, Justice and the American Way. Do any of you remember hearing this while you were growing up? I do. Jussie Smollett and his fake hate crime has made a mockery of the justice system. If there was any justice, Jussie Smollett would spend the next 5-10 years in prison for wasting the city’s resources. How many people were killed during his fabricated event? How many man hours were wasted trying to investigate this oxygen thief’s fabrication? Hence, it’s just another miscarriage of justice.

While not everything is doom and gloom, things are dark.

Surely, there must be some light in the world. Some ray of hope to break through the bleakness of day to day life in the land of the free. In a world where life has no meaning, innocence is butchered in the name of convenience, and the weirder things are the more they are accepted, there must be something to give us hope. Science, facts, and reasoning are outdated if it doesn’t fit the narrative. We have become immune to the evil which perpetrates our society. There is good news. Some of us still believe in good manners, human decency, goodwill toward our fellow man, and love our country. To some of us, America is still the greatest country in the world. It is a land where religious freedom abounds, where you are free to worship as you see fit. A country blessed by the hands of God Almighty for the goodness we have shown others, specifically the country of Israel.

In the words of the game of Destiny, “you can try to trap the light, but the light always finds a way.” There can not be darkness, without the absence of light. However, even in the darkest days, light still shines. In the roughest storms, we still come through it. If we stand strong, together, we will triumph.

If we don’t…

21 November 2019

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