An update….

It has been a trying week.

I had a Gran-Mal seizure. It has taken a toll on me. All week I have struggled to clear the cloud in my mind. It has been hazy and has made it difficult for me to think, much less write anything for my blog. Thankfully, today has been better. My struggle is no longer a cloudy mind. There are days when I am fine. Nothing brings me down.

Well, almost nothing. This last seizure did a number on me.

My head is scabbed over, my left hand has a gash on it, and my upper left shoulder has another gash. I am ripped up. Thankfully, I am alive and kicking. My aches and pains are a minor inconvenience. Eventually things will be fine.

As I close out this post, let me apologize for my absence. I will get back to writing starting tomorrow. Thank you for sticking it out with me.

6 December 2019

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