Thoughts about climate change…

So, do you climate change bro?

Yeah, I’m not hip to the growing craze of impending doom. The world has been ending ever since I have been old enough to remember. In the 1970’s it was acid rain, the 80’s brought us AIDS and the Cold War. Now the ice caps are melting. They aren’t, but in the next 12-500 years they might, and we will be in trouble if that happens.

Oh, the gravity of the situation.

It takes a certain amount of arrogance to think humanity can fix the planet. This planet has survived an ice age, dinosaurs, meteors, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and in-laws. It survived the Megalodon. A prehistoric shark as big as two tugboats, a mouth 8 feet wide and capable of biting clean through a whale, but humanity is going to eradicate all life on the planet.

“Our carbon footprint…”

I know, I’m not taking it seriously. Shame on me. Some of the solutions are absurd though. How does anyone expect to be taken seriously when their solution is to stop having children? Well then, let Operation No Young’uns commence. See? The planet isn’t going anywhere. Humanity is going to die off if these lunatics don’t wake up.  This big orb has been spinning for 4.5 billion years if scientists are to be believed. Humanity has been here for a couple of thousand. Do the math. There is literally no way, we have jacked up the entire planet in 2,000 years.

The panic is premature. Instead of focusing on the planet and offering life altering suggestions, why don’t we focus on being better human beings? Sure, we need to clean up the trash in our oceans. I am all for that type of action. What I am against, is suggesting we demolish the government in order to fight a war against Mother Nature. Do you think getting a vasectomy will hinder climate change? Don’t let me stop you from receiving one. Do you want to live in a “eco-friendly” habitat? Knock yourself out! However, you do not get to shove your choice down my throat and force me to live the way you choose.

Because I assure you, if you try, my climate will change.

29 November 2019

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