Be good to yourself….

I have numerous topics started on my laptop. So, I feel the need to finish them prior to moving on to other subjects. This post will about the pointlessness of anger.

Being angry doesn’t help us accomplish anything worthwhile. Anger clouds the mind, and a cloudy mind keeps us from achieving our goals. Success starts with a clear mind. You must be able to envision your success, before you can achieve it. Like a sculptor or an artist, we must have the product in our mind. Our life may be a blank canvas, but you can’t create without a vision.

Anger flings our emotions across the canvas. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It’s madness. A Jackson Pollack painting could be considered organized chaos, but unbridled rage is not organized. It is fury unleashed on unsuspecting victims which get mauled by our emotional upheaval. Rage, anger, frustration, whatever you choose to call it, causes great damage to our physical body, not to mention our cardiovascular system. In the long term, it is damaging to our mental, physical and emotional states.

If it isn’t helping us create, it is pointless. If it isn’t assisting us in being a better person, it is pointless.

In the immortal words of Journey, “be good to yourself.”

28 November 2019

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