Another monument removal…..

A North Carolina town removed a Confederate statue yesterday. The reasoning behind the eradication of the monument was, “it’s time to move forward.” What an interesting choice of words.  I agree. It is time to move forward and stop griping about slavery which was eradicated in the late 1800s.

Yet somehow, people still want to get their underwear tied into knots over slavery.

I am feeling my oats this morning. Let’s look at what monuments do. They stand still, it’s a statue. Usually, they’re sculptured to represent some human being. In the above-mentioned case, a general from the Civil War. “Tear it down! It’s offensive to my sensibilities.” Exactly how weak are people today? How do you get butthurt by a monument? Was it a monumental mistake or statutory rape?

If I were to dress up as OJ Simpson for Halloween, I would immediately be shut down for “cultural appropriation.” Yet, the complete destruction of my culture is okay with everyone.

“We just want to remove the bad parts!”

Yeah. So did the Nazis.

I can’t believe I ever put on a uniform and defended people’s right to be this stupid. I’m done.

25 November 2019

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