Random thoughts about the holidays…

Ok, some things are on my mind this evening.

First, let me make a disclaimer: I am still ill. The medication may or may not influence me to make some statements which seem personal. *Deep breath* It’s not. However, some things disgust me.

I like the holiday season. Thanksgiving, by far, being my favorite of the trifecta (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year).  Except for New Year, I like what the holiday season represents. To me, Thanksgiving is a day when we think upon the blessings in our lives, the storms which have strengthened us, and the people who make all the difference in our lives (by either being in it or out of it). So, why does the holidays bring out the most selfish parts in some people?

Selfishness is not limited to only family; it just seems that way at times.

The holidays should be a time of happiness, a time to reflect on the good things in our lives. A time to create new memories which we fondly remember throughout our lifetime. It is an opportunity to rekindle relationships with people we may have dropped out of contact with. What it should not be, is a time when people go out of their way to harass others, make demands, or act like a nuisance.

I suppose people can’t help themselves though, or perhaps, they don’t consider their actions to fall into these categories.

Ever so often, you can catch a meme stating, “Don’t come to my funeral telling folk how much you loved me, or how good I was, when you won’t show up now and tell me when I am alive.” That is my paraphrasing, not the wording of the actual meme. The point is the same regardless of the wording. Family can hurt us, when no one else is capable of inducing pain.

Granted, I don’t think family means to be mean spirited or even to carry on in a way that seems insensitive or hurtful. There are several factors which come into play in these types of situations. One is distance. Another is the rapid pace of daily life. Distance often keeps us from being able to visit family often. With the high cost of transportation, traveling to visit family is time consuming and expensive. Of course, the pace of life also makes it impossible to visit, or even to communicate with family. It seems that even those of us who can’t put down an electronic device throughout the day, find it hard to pick it up and speak to those whom love us.

 There is no reason for the holidays to be stressful. However, for some unbeknownst reason, the holidays are extremely stressful for many people. The added pressure to find/purchase the “perfect” gift is a hinderance. If you couple that pressure with finding time to visit every person during the holiday rush, well, you won’t be joyous for long. Who knew surviving Thanksgiving and Christmas would require the same extensive planning as taking down Fallujah? To top it off, throw in Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, and soon the holiday spirit has died a horrendous death.

No wonder people gladly assume the mantle of the Grinch. “I hate people….”

Perhaps, I should pen a holiday survival guide for the uninitiated. Throw in some sketches, jot down a few notes, and viola…a published book has appeared. Instead, I will bid you all a pleasant evening and a happy holiday season.

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