Lessons from Homeland…

I am now on Season 4 of Homeland. There are several lessons to be learned from this series, I shall write them down to ensure I have a record to refresh my memory. I sorely need a Dr. Watson to assist me in my Endeavors.

Lesson #1:

Never work for the CIA. Backup always seems to be too far to be any help. The sheer incompetence of the leadership does not inspire faith in the system, rather, it creates an environment suited for open rebellion. All too often, I find myself wondering what the heroine of the show must do to be benched from field work. Seasons 2 and 3 doesn’t change my mind that she should be placed on a leash, in an asylum, for the good of those around her. Oh, and the CIA has no problem putting her in mortal danger or sacrificing innocent civilians for an opportunity to gather “intel.”

Lesson #2

Trust no one. This is my personal motto, however, in this show trusting anyone is a quick trip to the end of your life. The heroine and the CIA tell lie upon lie to “establish cover” or “maintain a legend or asset.”  If the show was real life, how would anyone be successful as a spy?

Lesson #3

As with all shows, there are love triangles to explore. Ahem, not love-adultery. The show starts off with the rescue of a POW (missing for eight years.) Upon his rescue he returns home to his unfaithful wife. The heroine cracks a joke in one of the earlier episodes when asked about any one special. To paraphrase, “it wouldn’t work, I’m not little Ms. Faithful.” Then she spends the next three seasons showing us.  Suffice to say, love is an unworthy goal in the CIA or Military Industrial Complex.

Lesson #4

There are no consequences for any action. If you work for the CIA (in the show) you can do whatever you want, even if under a direct order. Because, everyone understands geopolitics. Why run anything up the chain of command? Regardless of the situation, the heroine bravely does what she wants, happily sacrificing the lives of everyone in her path.

Lesson #5

Mental health issues (aka behavioral issues) are no joke. This is the best part of the show. It is accurate, hard hitting and often graphic. The heroine suffers from bipolar disorder. She refuses to take her meds because it hinders her thinking process. PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, and stress also plague her. Therefore, she is one violent shove away from drowning in the abyss. It is interesting to watch her try to balance work, stress and mental illness.

Well, there is nothing else to say about it. It seems you might have a better chance surviving in a pool of hungry sharks with bloody steaks tied around your limbs, than a day as a CIA analyst.

Mind how you go.

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